Inspired from Blizzard Entertainment's hit video game 'Overwatch', this coin pouch is a tribute to the character of Junkrat, bearing his colors and presenting his coat of arms and that of his universe!

Junkrat Leather Coin Pouch


▪ Handmade with high quality leather 3 mm thick (7-8 oz) to last a lifetime!

▪ Completely tooled, sewn and dyed by hand

▪ Waterproofed

▪ Size of 11 cm in width and 9 cm in high

▪ Capacity: Quite some coins! Earphones, keys, jewelry...

▪ Fastener: The leather cord is used to close the coin pocket and the main closing of the pouch is done with a snap button

▪ Can be worn around the neck, in a pocket, bag...