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Inspired by one of the world's most famous video games: World of Warcraft, by Blizzard Entertainment. 
Embodiment of power and royalty, encircled by gold inscriptions and framed with engravings reminiscent of royal tapestries, this lion-headed symbol is aimed at all defenders of the Alliance, royal lineages and lion fans!

Alliance Leather Flask


▪ Handmade with high quality leather 3 mm thick (7-8 oz) to last a lifetime!

▪ Completely tooled, sewn and dyed by hand

▪ Waterproofed

▪ Size of 10,5 cm (4 9/64") in width and 13,5 cm (5 5/16") in high

▪ Stainless-steel flask with a capacity of 230 ml (8 oz)

▪ Comes with a stainless-steel funnel for easy filling


(Optional) Add a belt clip to make it easier to travel with!

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