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Order your own custom patch for any clothing, bag or accessory!


▪ Option 1 - Sew-on Patch: Send the dimensions of the patch and what kind of engraving you want on the leather (picture, idea, theme, ...). It will be sent pre-punched, ready for sewing like any other patches

▪ Option 2 - Including existing parts of your clothing into the patch: (on the example pictures, I am re-using the eyelets of the sweater) you can send the parts you want to include in the patch or ask for specific hardware to include in the patch (eyelets, rivets, snaps, buckles, ...)

▪ Option 3 - Send or deliver to me the clothing, bag or accessory you want your patch on. It will be perfectly customized, then sent back to you, ready-to-use!

Custom Leather Patch - Example - Sliced Skull