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The Ginkgo Biloba, millenary Asian tree, ancient and immortal, living even before dinosaurs, sheds every autumn a breathtaking ocean of golden leaves. Exposing their magnificence as a true artistic work of nature, this wallet is engraved of those beautiful leaves in shades of intense blue enlightened in vibrant gold on the sobriety and elegance of the natural color of vegetable tanned-leather.

Ginkgo Leaves Leather Long Wallet


▪ Handmade with high quality leather 2,2 mm thick (5-6 oz) to last a lifetime!
▪ Completely tooled, sewn and dyed by hand
▪ Waterproofed
▪ Functionalities: This wallet is designed to fit all your needs!
       o 8 Card slots: 2 on the front side, four on the bottom side and one each side of the giant bill pocket
       o A big and wide coin pocket closed by a zipper. Very easily accessible
       o 2 large bill pockets. Can also contain checks and business cards
       o 1 giant bill pocket in the middle will allow you to put any kind of documents
       o Made with premium leather this wallet has a size of 19.5 cm in width (7,7") and 9 cm in high (3,5") when closed
       o Closed with 2 antique bronze magnetic rivets to secure the wallet and its content

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