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Inspired by the Gronns, giant and deadly creatures from the Outlands, in the World of Warcraft. Some adventurers will go so far as to craft armors from the skin and characteristics of the monstrous Gronns. They'll earn the title of Gronnstalkers. Of the crimson red of their skin to the distinctive marks of their species and leather patchworks of their protections, to the claw at the tip of the belt, nothing has been forgotten. The goal here was to create a belt for those adventurers with the same features of their armors. A belt they can wear once free of their battling outfits, with more convenient clothes but still showing their achievements!

Gronnstalker Leather Belt


▪ Handmade with high quality leather 4 mm thick (10 oz) to last a lifetime!

▪ Completely tooled and dyed by hand

▪ Waterproofed

▪ Width: Premium leather belt of 39 mm wide (1 1/2")

▪ Alloy belt buckle. Finish: Satin Antique Brass-plated. Rectangular shape, slightly curved

▪ Available in all sizes: The best way to find your belt size is to measure a belt that you already wear. Measure from the interior of the tip of the buckle to the hole that you use the most as shown on the last picture. Belts have 7 holes and the size you will order will match the center hole!

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