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In Brittany, once a year from the past 20 years, the Celtic aura of that land of Legends falls into the power of Metal: The Hellfest!!! Representing that duality, this gourd was designed to quench your thirst as you walk down the path of Metal! 3 Boars for the Celtic world on one side and a giant Skull, branded with the 'H' of the Hellfest, extricating itself from the leather gourd, from the inside of that Celtic land as it hears the drums of Metal calling!!  Every inch of this gourd is covered with intricate engravings, as the serpentine border on each face increases the infinity of that cycle. And as a last 'Metal' touch, 3 antique bronze skull rivets are set on the handles and the cap of the gourd. Time to Rock-on!! *Headbang*

Hellfest Skull & Celtic Boars Leather Gourd


▪ Handmade with high quality leather 3 mm thick (7-8 oz) to last a lifetime!

▪ Completely tooled, sewn and dyed by hand

▪ Waterproofed

▪ Capacity of 1.75 L (60 oz) polyethylene gourd covered with premium leather

▪ Size of 19,5 cm in diameter (7,7")

▪ 2 Handles with heavy duty antique brass D-rings will allow you to attach it as you like and never lose it!

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