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Exotic wooden leathercraft tools stand and organizer for stamping and punching tools, designed to hold all your stamping & modeling tools, swivel knives and leathercraft tools. 

Stamping Tools Rack - 482 Holes


▪ 8 floors of 2 rows + one top shelve for your leather stamping mauls, weights, ...

▪ Floor 1 to 5 : Each floor is composed of 63 holes of 9 mm diameter (0.35") for most of your stamping tools

▪ Floor 6th : 31 holes of 9 mm (0.35") and 32 holes of 11 mm (0.43") for bigger stamping tools

▪ Floor 7th : 63 holes of 11 mm (0.43") for bigger stamping tools

▪ Floor 8th : 24 holes of 11 mm (0.43") for modeling tools, pricking irons, ... 12 holes of 16 mm (0.63") for swivel knives, ... 5 holes of 
20 mm (0.79") for bigger swivel knives and other specific tools

▪ Handmade with high quality class 4 exotic wood of Niove, this wood has a high density and durability making it the perfect candidate to store your tools. Its natural reddish brown color will contrast amazingly well with the light tones of the pine tree used for lateral panels

▪ Overall weight: 9.2 kg (20 lbs)


(Optional) Numbers of floors and holes, sizes are customizable to suit your needs. Get in touch for an estimate!

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