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Inspired from the world famous British TV Series 'Doctor Who', in the shape and color of the TARDIS, the leather is engraved with the inscription "Bad Wolf" from a highlight of the series, mixed skillfully with the initials of 'Doctor Who'. The inscriptions on the top of the TARDIS were altered to coincide with its purpose: Public Sip Tank. The runes under the "A" and above the "O" are Gallifreyan for "Silence will fall" and "The moment is coming", iconic plots from the series.

TARDIS 'Bad Wolf' Leather Flask


▪ Handmade with high quality leather 3 mm thick (7-8 oz) to last a lifetime!

▪ Completely tooled, sewn and dyed by hand

▪ Waterproofed

▪ Size of 10,5 cm (4 9/64") in width and 13,5 cm (5 5/16") in high

▪ Stainless-steel flask with a capacity of 230 ml (8 oz)

▪ Comes with a stainless-steel funnel for easy filling


(Optional) Add a belt clip to make it easier to travel with!

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