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"And the Evil that was once vanquished shall rise anew. Wrapped in the guise of man, shall he walk among the innocent, and Terror shall consume they that dwell upon the Earth" — Mephisto
The Dark Wanderer is the warrior from Diablo I who has been possessed by the essence of Terror... the lord Diablo, the very demon he sought to contain within himself.
Using a relief engraving technique, this sculpture on a single piece of leather has so much volume it looks ready to come out of the leather. Every details, ribs, cracks of the skull were carefully engraved by hand using precision tools to achieve the most realistic look possible!

The Dark Wanderer Leather Engraving


▪ Relief engraving technique on embossed leather. Looks like it's alive! ("It's a skull" ... You get the point)
▪ Handmade with high quality vegetable-tanned leather
▪ Completely tooled and dyed by hand
▪ Waterproofed
▪ The size of the leather engraving is a rectangle of 30.5 cm (11.8") x 40.5 cm (15,75")
▪ Sold without frame!

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