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The Skaven are a race of humanoid rat-men, who inhabit the caves, tunnels, mines, and sewers of the Warhammer world. They control a vast Under-Empire which reaches from the Southlands to Kislev and from Estalia to the Far East. This leather dice tray is engraved with the god of the Skaven, the Horned Rat. Of the leather natural color, this engraving is sublimated by shades of brown and the crimson red emblem of the Skavens. The confection of this dice tray makes it possible to frame it to display it on a wall between two games of Warhammer but also to easily transport it as the 4 snap rivets on the corners allows it to make it flat. The more supple dark brown leather is reinforced by thick vegetable-tanned leather making this tray able to resist any sort of dices. 

Warhammer Skaven Leather Dice Tray


▪ Relief engraving technique on embossed leather. Looks like it's alive! ("It's a skull" ... You get the point)
▪ From framed Art to dice tray to valet tray, use it the way you like and swap between use at any time!
▪ Handmade with high quality vegetable-tanned leather
▪ Completely tooled and dyed by hand
▪ Waterproofed
▪ The size of the leather engraving is a rectangle of 29,5 cm (11,6") in high (35,5 cm (14") with the flat extensions) and 21 cm (8,27") in width (27 cm (10,63") with the flat extensions)
▪ Sold without frame (or dices)!

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